Trading policy

Level 1

Equity and currency segments

  • Every client will get 4 times of limit by default - in equity (category 'A' stocks only), futures and currency.
  • There will be no leverage on category 'B' stocks and there on and options.
  • Any position created with 4 times leverage, will be squared off on the same day.
  • Or,

    If mtm (mark to market) loss reaches 70% of available funds.

Commodity Segment

  • Client will get 4 times of limit in the liquid commodities, such as Metals and Crude.
  • No leverage will be given in Agri commodities .


Company reserves the right to alter any such commitments of leveraged trading positions, without any prior intimation, depending on the market sentiments or any other high risk events.

All leveraged positions have to be strictly intraday trades only.

Leverage times will increase as per the "refer 'n' trade more" schemes.